About Me

Twenty something hairstylist from Southern California.

Jesus follower.

 I have a passion for photography, scrapbooking, DIYing, hair, cooking & baking, reading, sewing and pretty much anything crafty.

I have a beautiful daughter, her name is Natalie Savana. She is so much fun..loves to dance, helps me cook and I can already tell she will be a crafty one just like her mama!

I have a handsome hubby who doesn't mind me having a billion hobbies. He is funny and caring, compassionate and a hard worker. Love him.

I am always amazed at these two and their beautiful blues eyes. Natalie got her daddy's baby blues (thanks to me for praying to God every day I was pregnant that I would have a baby with their daddy's blues eyes!)

And that is how I came up with the name for this place...love Those Blue Eyes!

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