Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Family Day at the Lake.

It's been warming up around here. That means it's time to head to the water zone!

Natalie loves day it will be nice if we can get a pool of our own.

The hubby loves fishing, even though he hardly ever catches anything..I guess it's more about the sport!

We hung around a nice shady tree, I got to relax and read a book. We had a little pick-nick (or like Natalie likes to call it a "pick-pick" lol). It was the perfect spring day.

She was so proud for opening up the candy wrapper by herself. :)

I loooove this shot of her soaking up the sun. 

On the way down to the lakeside..

I love day like this. I'm sure we will have a lot more this summer.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Family Photos with the Garcia Family

My lovely sister in law is expecting baby #3. She's never gotten maternity photos taken, so I told her I HAD to do them for her. :)

Her girls are so sweet.

We had a blast spending time in this big grassy field as the sun was setting.

I can't wait to meet this little one!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Home Sweet Home

It's been a few weeks since I've posted.

Life has been busy.

March seemed like a long and busy month. Just working, being a mom to a very energetic 3 year old and being a good all wears you out sometimes.

It would be nice to get a real spring day. :)

I've been catching up with my Project Life album and I do have a few weeks that I need to get posted..soon. 

Still taking lots and LOTS of pictures. I really do love the art of taking pictures. There's something about picture taking that is so relaxing to me. It's kinda stress relieving. And the more I practice the better I get (at least I think so). :)

Yesterday we visited my parents house. We were celebrating a few birthdays and Easter, everything kinda mixed into one party.

I snuck outside for a few minutes before the sunset and snapped a few pictures around my parents house. This is where I grew up..down a little dirt round in the country.

I think I appreciate growing up with lots of space more now then I did back then..I always love springtime at my parents place, they have lots and lots of trees and flowers that bloom everywhere.

My sisters got in on the pictures taking action and did a little bit of posing for me..thanks sisters! :)

 A little walk down memory lane. :)

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