Thursday, May 16, 2013

Scrapbooking and Project Life overload..

I'm a little (ok, a LOT!) behind on posting my finished scrapbook and Project Life pages. Opps!

I'm still trying my best to keep up with Project Life..I guess right now the thing that is setting me back is editing my pictures..I can't get them printed unless they are edited! I know..weird..but I love to edit them, it's just a bit time consuming.

So something I discovered that I'm so happy I found, is that Walgreens now has an app that you can print your instagram pics from and that has been a time saver! The photos come out really good and they are done in a few waiting around to have them shipped! Score! :)

I just wanted to share a few pages I've finished recently. This 1st one is using a sketch from Inspired Blueprints (love their sketches!).  I've been trying  to add a lot more sewing into my pages too for an extra touch. I love the wayt it comes out..

Isn't that tag cute!? I made it myself on my Cricut. :)

This page I was inspired by a post on the Two Peas in a Bucket blog about letting yourself be I had some fun with this and loved the way it came out. :)

I'm so behind on posting my Project life pages, so instead of sharing the last 6 weeks I've done I'll just share the last one I finshed. (it's from the end of March! ack!) I think it's time to play catch up for sure!

So here's week 13.

Thanks fo stopping by. :)

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