Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day of the Dead style photo session

My little sister and her boyfriend are so fun. 

They asked if I would take photos of them and of course I said yes!
And then they said they wanted the photos to be Day of the Dead style...

I thought this would be interesing. I don't know a whole lot about Day of the Dead but with the these two I knew it would be a little adventure.

And it was.

They are super cute and in love..and a little mushy. :)

The photos came out great, their makeup came out so cool (by the way.. I did my sissy's rhinestone collection came in handy! lol).

It actually started to drizzle a little bit, in some of the pics you can see some of the rain drops which looks cool with the whole theme. Luckily it didn't pour down..that would have been bad with all that makeup! lol

Ok here's just a few of my favorites, it was hard to pick..

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