Sunday, June 9, 2013

It's June already?! and some backyard ideas..

We are getting closer and closer to summer and it is getting hotter and hotter every day here in southern Cali.

With these hot days I am dreaming of laying outside under a shady tree reading a book sipping on some ice cold water with a slice of lemon while Natalie runs around in the grass chasing the dog.'s all a dream right now beacuse our backyard needs some MAJOR help! I wish I could call up HGTV right now to come take over because I have no idea where to start! We basically have a 4x4 cemet slab and a whole bunch of dirt and weeds (which hubby just cut down, yes!).

So I have been having fun pinning lots of ideas on my "Future Backyard" board on Pinterest and probably driving my hubby crazy with all these ideas pouring into my little head. We have to start somewhere.

Here's a few ideas that I have been daydreaming of. :)

 (all of these images can be found HERE.)

So there you have it..this is our "one day" project and hopefully it will be our soon someday backyard!

I just feel bad that Natalie doesn't have much of a yard to play in. But she still loves being outside. 

This was her yesterday soaking up the sun...

So far she hasn't complained. It just takes time and lots of mulahh! Which we are working on! :)

And a little bit of encouargement from the bible to keep me going and remind me that it's all about baby steps, one thing at a time!

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  1. I wanted to have a yard that's really green but mine right now needs some yard fertilizer Atlanta badly. Pretty hard to maintain it, too


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