Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Recap...

We are halfway through the year already! Wow I can't believe it!

It has been a very VERY hot summer so far..106 degrees today..yeah. No fun!

But even with this warm weather I am trying to make lots of memories and still try to take lots of pictures to capture the little everyday moments. I've noticed I have been using my iPhone camera a lot more lately, mostly because it's a lot easier then lugging my DSLR around..but I sure love my Nikon!

Instagram is my new friend...well we have been friends for awhile but lately..we've been besties! lol

And instagram pictures and soo easy to add to my Project Life album. Iknow I have been bad about posting my pages, but I am proud of myself that I am actually (kinda) caught up. Hopefully I can get around to posting some pages soon.

So anyways I just wanted to share our month of June in photos...we took a few trips to the lake, listened to new music, read new books, played and played and played with Natalie, started eating better, went for nature walks, got crafty, farmer's market days, and trips to the mountains. It's been a good one!

Bath time.

Awesome book and a little green juice..been juicing a LOT!

Doggie haircut.

Silly faces.
She got a new dolly.

 My new favorite band!

I made Natalie a cute heart mobile for her room. She helped.

She tooked pictures of me this time. :)

 Painted little piggies.

Played dressup.

Went for a nature walk.

 Took a trip to the lake.

Had a wonderful Father's Day visiting with the in-laws in the mountains.

Watched the sunset on the way home.

Visited the Farmer's Market and got a deal on those pretty flowers.

Another lake trip.

 And got a little crafty with some glitter glue.

And her sweet little cousin gave her a Snow White dress that she wants to live in! lol..cute.
So you's has been a great month..busy and fun. I am so blessed and grateful.

Ni Hao Yall

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