Saturday, August 31, 2013

Summer time is for camping..

The hubs and I had a day off together during the week which doens't happen I thought it would be fun and spontaneous to camp out for the night.

Sleep under the stars, go fishing, have a campfire, roast some mallows, listen to owls and crickets all night...and wake up with a sore back! lol

Besides the sore back in the morning we had a nice little getaway. We woke up to the sound of summer rain bouncing off our tent right as the sun was rising over the mountains. It was wonderful.

Natalie and I took a little bike ride around the campground in the morning and we picked some wildflowers along the way.

Ni Hao Yall

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  1. Hi Joanna. You probably have no idea who I am but I used to have a blog called Mustbecrafty. I haven't made cards in a long time and just had the idea to look some of my favorite blogs up. You take such beautiful pictures now! Congrats on the new blog and the beautiful family.


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