Saturday, January 5, 2013

A New Year

(At Oak Glen,CA)

Well here it is, a brand new blog for a brand new year. 

I've been thinking about having a place to share more of my photos as I'm on my journey to learning photography. Mostly learning for fun and I'll see were it takes me. 

2012 was defintely a year of growing and being open to change because there was a LOT of it! 

Lots of change, this year I think I can finally rest into the new things that life has thrown my way, trust in God that he has everything under control and live this life to the fullest because I only have one to live.

How about some New Year's resolutions?....
1. Get in shape! (of course)
2. Take more photos (even though I think I already take a billion, take more!)
3. Read more (and actually finish a book)
4. More music and less t.v. (good for everyone in the house)
5. More family time
6. Travel more (get outta the house and do something spontaneous!)
7. Be consistant (in every area of life)
8. Pray. Everyday.

Not too many resolutions so I don't loose track 
or get overwhelmed. Just enough to actually stick to it. 

So number one..get in shape...hmmmmm... action plan?...Eat healthier, which means start cooking more, cooking healthy foods. I can do that. And maybe have Natalie can help me, she's my little one, just turned 3 in November, I think she can help her mama out in the kitchen now. :)

Number 2, take more photos. That will be a fun resolution now that I got my fancy new camera for Christmas. A lovely Nikon DSLR. Yes sir! and I love it! Picture taking shouldn't be a prob. Learning how to use all the buttons is a different story and a whole other post for that one!

3=read more. Ok I have this secret obession, my sisters know all about it....
I'm kinda addicted to buying books.. and never reading them. At least I buy them from the thrift store where they are only 25 cents so at least my bank account isn't being hurt by this obession. And then I'll go to the library and check out an arm full of even more books! Ahhh..I don't know what to do here but actually try to read one at a time instead of 5 at a time and never finishing one!..any help? :)

Four..more music less t.v. Good resolution I think everyone in the house will appreciate. That goes for Miss N. too with her Dora and Boots..and more music for our little ears.

Number 5, more family time. This will be good for the soul, good for our relatonships, good for this Bandelin clan to stick together and be together more. I like this one.

6, travel more. Kinda goes along with more family time. I always dreamed of buying an RV and leaving everything behind to see the good ol USA. But family and work got in the no RV :( but at least we have a home to rest our little heads at night. Traveling will be fun.. if we ever get to.

Number seven=be consistant. Sometimes I am not consistant and I feel a little outta balance. Like things aren't done and I need to learn how to be consistant. Say it and mean it, stick with it. I can do it.

8. Pray. Everyday. 'Nuff said. My life is in the hands of the one who hung the stars. I need to talk to my God everyday...another reason why I would like to be more consistant.

Ok, well that was a great 1st post. Now I'm off to get ready for a bridal shower tomorrow and fix up this new bloggie. Thanks for joining me.

I see great things for this place. :)

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