Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hello 2013- My 1st Project Life page

So after a bit of pinning tons of ideas on Pinterest I finally caved and decided to try Project Life.

It really is a simple way to scrapbook, but I think I actually like this way better.

It's sooo much less time consumming and all your focus goes into the photos that you capture instead of all the littlle I do love those little details, but this is a great alternative to easy, simple and quick scrappin'!

Here's an instagrammed pic of my 1st page..

After getting some supplies I feel like I am on my way to doing some awesome pages.

Lovin' my new washi tape. It's perfect for Proj. Life!

Now I just need to print some pictures asap to keep up week by week!

I started a Project Life board on Pinterest too for some inspration.

My Project Life board

Happy Scrappin'! :)

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  1. Your 1st week is so cute and you seem happy with it... Perfect for your work schedule huh lol! It's addicting so far I did 2!


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