Thursday, October 31, 2013

My little Snow White

Finally a day she can be Snow White all day long...

Every single day she wakes me up and asks if she can where a princess dress.
Even at her preschool they have a dress up area and every time she goes she is princess Barbie.

She is just a typical little girl...dreams of being a princess.

She always tells me.."Mama, you're the Queen and I'm the Princess" least she has that right! lol..

So this year was fun taking her around town dressed up. She got smiles from everyone we passed.
First at storytime at the library, the Farmer's Market and then the grocery store. She was the center of attention..and she loved it.

We pass by these fruit trees almost everyday so I wanted to have a little spur of the moment photo session with little Miss Snow White.

It was perfect and she did good (mostly because she got to suck on that lollipop!).

When we were at the grocery store a little old lady stopped us and was commenting on how cute Natalie looked, then she went on to tell me about how when she was a kid she watched Snow White when it first came out in theaters in the 1930's. She said her parents would just drop off their children so they could go run errands and she would be there for hours watching it 2 or 3 times and would know all the songs and dances by the time their parents came to pick them up.


Happy Harvest!

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